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5 Easy Ways to Increase Social Media Presence

Posted on December 19, 2013 by Jessica

During the holidays,  a variety of industries are competing for your customer's dollar. The average Internet user is bombarded with advertisements, from banner ads to YouTube commercials and Facebook ads. Creating content that will help your business stand out is key to capturing their attention and getting them to buy from your business. Using the following social media tips, you can enjoy greater sales and increased visibility for your business. 

1. Create Great Content
There is truly only one way to get the customer's attention. Great content trumps fancy ads, dancing animations or even viral videos. If a customer visits your site and finds old blog postings, poor quality images or expired offers, they will simply leave your site and go elsewhere. There are far too many competitors waiting to grab their attention. Since most customers use the Web to search for information, fill your site with credible and informative content that they can use. 

2. Image is Everything
Internet users have short attention spans. The average user spends less than 30 seconds perusing a website before deciding to read more or surf away. This is where your images come in. Hook them with vibrant photo tutorials, product images or interesting user pictures. Use sites like Pinterest to generate interest in your products and draw new customers to your site. 

3. Say it With Video But Not Just Video
When used well, video can be effective. Use videos to offer tutorials on how to use your product, show actual users or to display commercials for your company. Use video sharing sites like Vine, Vimeo and YouTube to spread your message. Using video will work well if you use it strategically. One of the biggest mistakes that sites make is annoying their readers with video. Nothing is more frustrating to a surfer than searching for a topic, reading the description and finding the content is video only. 

4. Diversify Your Social Media Presence
It is not enough to simply have a Facebook page when it comes to leveraging social media. Use a range of sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr to spread the words about your company. Update all your feeds regularly for the best possible results. 

5. Make Sharing Simple
Add sharing buttons to your site to allow your visitors to share your site with their social media friends. This will bring greater exposure to your company and grow your customer base. 

Many businesses have been able to increase sales this season by creating dynamic content that gets results. Can you think of any other ways to increase your presence on social media networks? 

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