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Guest Posting: Getting Started

Posted on September 6, 2013 by Jessica

A great way to gain a lot of exposure for your own website is to write guest posts for someone else. This is going to increase your visibility for readers, and if your post happens to contain links directing the reader back to your own website, it increases your visibility to several search engines. 


Familiarize Yourself – Before you write a guest post on a blog, you should be pretty familiar with the specific site. Know who their readers are. Notice if their tone is professional or more casual. See what subjects the site normally addresses. A good type of guest post is supposed to add something to their content and should be enjoyed by all their readers. Ideally, the guest post will pull some new followers back to your own blog site. 


Do Your Homework and Research – Another way of becoming more familiar with the site is to look at other guest posts they have sponsored. If you suggest a guest post on a topic that was just addressed, it won’t go over too well. This would be nothing but a repetitive proposal, and it shows that you are not a regular reader on that site. Instead, try to spot a gap or need that has not been met yet and fill it with your own post. Oftentimes, an outsider can see something that the main author is not seeing because they are too close to it. Someone new, like you, can give a fresh insight. 


Networking With Others – It is always possible to simply offer to write a post for another site owner, but you might be more successful if you form a relationship with them first. Start slowly by leaving a few comments of some of their blog posts. If they are offering a subscription to a newsletter via email, reply via email now and then. You’re not trying to become their best friend, but you want them to know your name so that your own guest blog request is considered because you are not a complete stranger to them. 


Following Protocol – Always remember that if a site has a specific guide to follow to request a guest post, follow those guidelines instead of offering suggestions. Just like some businesses want you to mail in resumes and some want you to come in and fill out an application, each website has their specific way to do things, and the best idea is to respect that. 


Search For Visibility – One of the most important parts of guest blogging is the nice bump they give you on search engine results. Each guest post is linking back to your website. The more back links your website has, the better your page rank is in the search engine results. Try to include a link or two back to a relevant article on your own website to push the ratings a bit higher. Be cautious, however; no website owner respects guest post that appears to be spam advertising for the guest author’s website. 


If you do things right, your guest posting will benefit yourself, the readers on both sites, and the other website owner.  If you try any of these tactics when guest posting, I'd love to hear about it - please do let me know in the comments below!  

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