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How to Write an Effective Press Release

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Jessica

Successful media attention doesn't just instantly appear soon after you've written a press release. Follow these four tips on how to write an effective press release and you'll find the media calls start to pile up:


  • Keep It Simple
    A lengthy press release will lose the attention of your audience in no time. Keep your press release simple; any press release longer than a page is too long to keep the reader's interest.

  • Have An Angle
    What makes the product or service your touting in your press release special? Have an angle on why your product, service or reason for writing the press release is unique. Standing out will give you an edge on the competition for media attention. Just having a new product may not be enough to get media mentions. Instead, explain what sets the object of your press release apart from similar ideas out there in the marketplace. Make sure this information is in the first couple of paragraphs of your press release.

  • Timeliness
    You should be mindful of current events when sending out your press release. If you're product or service is a natural fit against the backdrop of something going on in the world, journalists will have more of a reason to pick up your press release and give you coverage. But make sure not to overdo it. You don't want to be seen as using a media event to shamelessly promote your product or service. Either leave this out of your press release or wait for the situation to die down.

  • Use Quotes
    Interesting quotes will liven up your press release and will break up the monotony of your copy. Whether the quotes come from a CEO, client or customer, make sure they're lively. Dull quotes do little to make your press release stand out in the crowd.

Abide by these four tips and you'll have yourself an effective press release. Remember, writing a press release is no guarantee that the media will cover you. But the above four rules will give you a greater chance at that interview or write up.  We have recently used the tips above to write a press release for a charity project we are running on We'd love to hear about any press releases you write with these tips; let us know in the comments below! 

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