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3 Ways to Get New Email List Subscribers

Posted on July 1, 2013 by Jessica

3 Ways to Get New Email List Subscribers


Your contacts are the lifeblood of an email marketing campaign. It is important that you build your own high quality list of contacts. Quantity is not as important, so it is better to send information to a few contacts who are actually interested in your product or service message than to send to random people who may not have any interest. There are several easy and effective ways to create an Email list including traditional online and offline methods and tactics. Details about three ways to get new Email list subscribers are below.

•Build an opt-in form on your home page. You can integrate an email opt-in form into your website’s home page. Make sure that it is strategically so visitors can see it immediately without scrolling down. Find an Email marketing service to assist you with the process and provide. The average fee for the service is $20 monthly. A general rule of thumb is the less information you require to opt in, the more sign-ups you'll receive. You can also Include a second opt-in form on your about page. Many visitors who go to this page are already interested in getting details about you and your business.

•Word of Mouth advertising is a great way to build an Email list. Offer incentives to your current subscribers who have been on your list for a long period of time. You can convert a visitor into a customer by using these incentives. Offer a discount, a free e-book or a free trial of one of your products. An incentive that is truly valued by a customer can get the relationship off to a great start. These techniques get people to talk to friends, family and associates about your business. Marketers must capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing by combining email sign-up with viral components.

•People love reading credible testimonials. You can use testimonials in your sign up area to attract new customers. The most effective testimonials show visitors what other people are saying about becoming a subscriber. It would be ideal to get an endorsement from someone respected in your industry. 
How are you managing the contacts in your email list?  Do you use software to keep track? How do you build the list? We love to talk old and new ways that are really working for marketing,  so let us know in the comments below! 
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