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10 New Content Ideas for Business Blogs

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Jessica

Keeping an updated blog is one of the best way for businesses to stay active and in touch with their customers. Finding the right content for that blog, however, can be a difficult task. What will business blog customers want to read? What helps to promote the brand? Here are 10 easy and interesting content ideas for your company's blog.

  • Reference other blogs - Keep an eye out for other articles, blogs, or news stories that connect to your product or service. Quote an excerpt from it on your blog and add your own introduction and conclusion. Make sure you cite the original, of course.

  • Lists - Short lists are easy to write and easy to read. Find lists that would be interesting to your customers. For example, a bookstore could blog about 5 Great Books for Kids.

  • Interviews - Seek out people who are influential in your chosen field and ask to interview them. Include your audience by announcing who you'll be interviewing and asking them for questions.

  • Success Stories - If a customer expresses great satisfaction with the product, consider asking them to share their experience as a testimonial.

  • Share other links - Do a "best of the month" post on the first of every month, sharing links from other relevant blogs. This not only generates content for your own blog but may encourage those other blogs to share yours as well.

  • Answer Questions - Encourage your customers to ask questions in the comments. Take time in future blog posts to answer them. This helps your customers feel like they are a valuable part of the business.

  • Ask questions - A great way to generate content for several blog posts is to ask a question of your customers. As they answer, share their comments and stories in subsequent posts.

  • Hint at future plans - Got an exciting new product coming up? Give your blog readers hints. Then when the new product or service launches, make sure and write all about it on your blog to answer the questions you raised.

  • Review a related product or service - Don't review something in competition with you, but seek out other things you think your customers might be interested in. A bakery blog, for example, could review a new kitchen gadget.

  • Do a video post -  This shakes things up a little bit. Shoot a promo video, or go behind-the-scenes with a tour of the offices and interviews with various employees. Giving your brand a face can be very compelling for customers.

I hope this post has inspired you to shake things up a bit on your blog, or at least spark your creativity a bit for future posts! Please let us know if you have used any of these tactics, and how they turned out for you in the comments below! We love to hear our reader's success stories. 

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