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3 Reasons to Choose a Responsive Design for Your Company Website

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Jessica

Businesses today must accommodate a wide variety of devices accessing website content; designing a website that caters to the biggest screen on the market just isn't a good idea anymore. Ideas of "responsive design" and how this approach to web design will ensure a page may be read on any type of device drives web design features and internet marketing projects for 2013. With smart phone sales exceeding desktop sales, the time for responsive design has come.

1. User interface setups continue to expand

The significant sales of smart phones have clearly driven the focus on responsive design for today's website designers, but it's not just tiny smart phones that are starting to serve as a person's portal to the internet. Many people run a system with multiple monitors, and this might cause problems with a website that can't accommodate more than one screen. Websites must be designed for anything from a 3 inch smart phone screen to a 70 inch HDTV screen.

2. Your website always looks terrific

About a decade ago it wasn't uncommon for website designers to tell visitors that a particular site was "best viewed" upon a specific screen size or with a particular browser. Good web design techniques have always included a design that would look good on any desktop computer, but the addition of smart phones, tablet computers, and even phablets (that's a tablet that's a little too big to be a smart phone) has forced web designers to accommodate tiny screens and greatly reduced user interfaces.

One of the only ways around the requirement of designing a site for a smart phone is the creation of an actual application designed to be used on the smart phone instead of the company's website. This technique works, but a business should usually have a responsive website and an application, instead of one or the other.

3. Google likes responsive design

When Google recommends something, internet marketers and web designers tend to listen due to the dominance that this company has over everything searchable on the internet. Google suggests that utilizing responsive web design is the best way to design a website and that creating separate websites for each type of user interface just won't cut it anymore.

The reason why Google likes responsive design is that an entire website through which its spider must crawl will have only one URL and a single library of pages instead of many separately designed pages and multiple URLs that all offer the same exact content.
Do you utilize responsive design for your company website? Why or why not?  Let us know in the comments below! 
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