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How to Design a Successful Company Logo

Posted on April 18, 2013 by Jessica

When you are just getting started with your business, there are many things that you need to keep in the air. As you are juggling your start up costs, your new customers and your own product, you also need to start thinking about your company logo. A company logo will represent you to the public at large, so take a moment to figure out what you need to consider.

Choosing Qualities
Your logo is meant to describe you and your company. That means that any adjectives people come up with when they look at your logo are going to be applied to you. That's good if the logo conveys things like speed, originality and new beginnings. It is not good if the logo conveys things like sloppiness and boredom! Before you even put pencil to paper, stop and think about what you want your logo to say to the people around you. 

Choosing Colors
We have very strong connotations with regards to color. For anyone who drives, red means stop and green means go. Red, white and blue have connotations with regards to flags. Think about how the colors that you choose will reflect your company's attitude. For example, if you are a green, environmentally-friendly company, consider using blue or green. If you are want to promote safety and stability, consider an earth-tone. 

The rule of thumb states that the simpler a design is, the more readable it will be. You want people to recognize your logo at a glance, and generally, the less lines you use, the better. Think about how the logo will look on things of various sizes. Something that looks fine on a T-shirt might not do so well if you shrink it down. 

Lots of Options
When you are creating a logo, it is always in your best interests to make a number of them. Do not work exhaustively on one design. Make at least a dozen or more. This gives you more material to work with, and it allows you to stretch yourself. The logo that works well for you may be one that is a combination of several designs. Be open to new ideas!

Getting Input
Never roll out a logo without testing it on a number of people. Show the people around you your logo and ask them for their impressions. Ask them to be honest, and ask them what their impressions are. If you keep hearing the same things over and over again, it is time to consider what that means. The more people you show, the better.

When you are looking to create a logo for your company, remember that you should give the process due time and thought. A good logo is one that works for you, and you will find that it can enhance your marketing extensively. Have you created a logo for your company? What were any challenges you faced in the process? Tell us in the comments below!
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