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How to Effectively Manage a Team's Workflow

Posted on February 25, 2013 by Jessica

When you are in charge of managing a team or a group of employees, ensuring they have a steady and efficient workflow can be done with a few tips and tricks. Effectively managing a team's workflow is possible by understanding your goals and various ways of working with the employees or team members you are in charge of yourself. The more aware you are of the goals of any project, the easier it will be to create and organize a plan to keep everyone focused at all times.

Outlining all of the short and long-term goals for any project is a way to help with increasing work productivity and workflow. When you are unsure of how to begin managing a team, properly outlining all goals and steps required in order to complete the project you are working on will help you to get focused and to stay in the present. The more steps you write down and organize, the easier it will be to begin any type of project, regardless of the industry you are representing.

Set Deadlines
Setting deadlines for specific tasks for all individual team members helps to keep others focused and on track with completing a project and sticking to their goals. When you set deadlines in place, it helps to create a conscious awareness of time for everyone who is working towards completing the project, giving them more of an incentive to get to work and to continue working towards the end goal.

Open Communication
Open communication when working together with a team is extremely important, especially when you have the responsibility of delegating tasks or ensuring other team members are keeping up with the workload. Getting to know your team members can help you to assess personalities and which jobs or tasks are right for all of the individuals you are working with together. The more open you are about deadlines, motivation and persistence, the more likely your team is to actively listen to you.

Time Management Tools
Using time management tools can help with ensuring everyone that you are working with is sticking with schedules and understands that the deadlines set in place are serious. You can use time management software on your team's computers and various websites to keep team members from becoming distracted with social media or other websites in the midst of completing any type of project that is being worked on.

Are there any other ways that your team manages its workflow? Let us know in the comments below!

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