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Motivating Your Employees

Posted on February 18, 2013 by Jessica

In the competitive world of retaining the best employees, it is clearly understood that vacation pay, health care and salaries make the top of the perk wish list. As things like bonus cutbacks, raise freezes and fewer stock options become necessary, it is harder to keep employees motivated.

Even though companies go through good times and bad, they still want their employees to know that their job is more than just a paycheck, and they want their people invested in their organization’s future. To do so, they must create the environment and culture that make people want to stay. Below are five economical and surefire ways to keep your employees motivated in 2013.

Flexibility – Time has no price. Along with offering paid vacation time from work, most companies enhance that benefit with some paid time-off or the ability to work from home after a specific amount of time. Things like summer hours, flex-time and 4-day work weeks are all still at the top of the wish list for employees. The cost to the company is very little, but it can help a good workplace suddenly become a great workplace for the employees.

Encouraging Good Health – Even though it may not be realistic for all companies to have a health club or gym, employers can reward their employees who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to keep their work and life balance in check. One way to do this is by offering employees gym membership discounts. As well, offer team building events that add an element of social activity mixed with physical activity as an alternative to happy hour. Some ideas might be team bowling, softball games and dodge ball (our team particularly likes hiking). 

Rewards and Acknowledgements – Everyone likes to be rewarded and acknowledged. This can be something as simple as singling out a top performing employee with a coffee gift card, having a happy hour event after work for employees, bestowing your office staff with a massage or tickets to a baseball or football game. This type of gesture encourages camaraderie, helps keep employees motivated, boosts morale and has employees looking forward to the next surprise.

Work Environment – Create a nice work environment around your employees that reflect their personalities and skills. Studies have shown that offices and cubicles are shifting to light interactive spaces with lots of color. These promote positive energy and a nice comfortable area for employees to work in.

Does your office use any of these methods to motivate employees? Which work best for your team? Let us know in the comments below!

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