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Five Killer Blogging Mistakes

Posted on February 12, 2013 by Jessica

Blogging is an excellent way to bring traffic to a website. However, there are many common mistakes that people make when they make posts to their blog. These mistakes drive traffic away, rather than bring it in. With that in mind, it is important to know how to avoid these issues in order to build a superior website and boost traffic. 

The five most common mistakes in blogging are:
1. Focusing too much on SEO
2. Not running a spell check or grammar check
3. Focusing too hard on sales
4. No facts and no fact checking
5. Making posts too long

When most people start writing a blog for traffic purposes, they immediately focus on SEO, or search engine optimization. While SEO should be considered in writing a blog, it should not be the only thing keeping the blog together. When posts are stuffed with search-engine friendly keywords, they start to make less sence and provide less useful information. Rather than focus on several keywords similar to the topic, focus on writing useful content and keeping the keywords at a minimum.

Another easy mistake is simply not running a spelling or grammar check before making a new post. Blog posts that are riddled with spelling mistakes make the piece appear unprofessional and rushed. This detours people from reading further, even if the information provided is extremely beneficial. Simply proofreading the work usually takes care of this issue. There are also several spell-checking programs that can aid those who are continuing to have problems.

Focusing on sales is also another pitfall many blogs see. People browse blogs for interesting information, not advertisements. When the focus of a blog becomes sales, many people shy away from it. One easy fix is to create blog topics that relate to the product or service, then making a casual reference to it in the post, such as “I recommend using this product to solve this common problem.”

Having facts and useful information is what drives people to blogs. People want answers to their issues. Having factual information helps to gain trust and bring traffic to the blog. Many times, new bloggers will focus on strong opinions in their writing. While this can be good, it is hard to initially get a following of dedicated readers without having facts to back up the opinions expressed in the blog.

Lastly, long posts can be difficult for the reader. Many people simply browse the internet and skim-read most of the content that they find. Keeping a post under 800 words helps to give concise information the reader can quickly digest.

If you are a blogger, have you identified any mistakes that affect your blog's success? Or if you simply read blogs, are there things that bloggers do that affect your reading enjoyment? Please share with us in the comments below.

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