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5 Ways to Use Email Marketing in 2013

Posted on January 3, 2013 by Jessica

If a business wishes to be successful, it is vital to create an email marketing campaign. An email campaign shows that a business is willing to take on modern ideas, and such a project does not require a significant amount of money. The information below may help a business set up a good system and find something that works for the future.

1. Send Surveys to Customers - It is crucial for a business to be aware of how customers feel at any given time. If a business does not realize that a customer is unhappy with a product or service, the consequences may prove to be dire. Emails reach people quickly, and a customer may be able to send a response the same day.

2. Advertize Upcoming Sales - It is not unusual for a sale to receive little attention. This may be due to the fact that many people are not aware of sales before they occur. Emails may prove to be useful when it comes to spreading awareness. A business may send messages that tell customers about upcoming savings events.

3. Invite People to Enter a Contest - Contests are an excellent way to promote a business and a product. A business may use its email marketing campaign to encourage people to enter their names in the contest. This is also a way to get information about customers and potential customers.

4. Ask Customers to Review a Product or Service - This option may appear to be similar to sending a survey, but the differences are not something to ignore. A survey limits how a person may respond. When a person writes a review, he or she may hold total control over the situation. He or she may write whatever comes to mind, and this is a positive thing for any business.

5. Link Customers to the Business Website - Some customers may be unaware of the address for the website of the business. A business may lose sales because of this issue. The people in charge of writing the emails may wish to link to the website at the bottom of the message. When this option plays a role, people may not feel that the business is being forceful or aggressive.

Are you planning on using email marketing to reach and communicate with your customers through email in 2013? If you have any additional tips, please share in the comments below!

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