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Creating a Social Media Plan for the New Year

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Jessica

It's the end of the year, time to get all of your marketing campaigns ready for the start of 2013. Social media advertising is looking a little different for the coming year - get ahead of the game with these five essentials for a successful campaign in Social Media:

1) Build a mobile strategy. Consumers are now accessing social media with everything from computers and tablets to game consoles and mobile phones. To widen your reach, make sure they can access your website via whichever social media platforms you intend to use, from every kind of device.

2) Build trust with honest and informative content. According to a recent Nielson poll, consumers place trust in all forms of advertisements dead last when compared to other types of content. Rather than trying to sneak even the smallest of sales pitches into your content, simply provide transparent information while educating about your products, providing coupons and deals, and answering inquiries.

3) Use blogs and video to distribute information. The majority of consumers, around 70 percent, use a company’s blogs and product videos to help them decide what to buy. Enable social sharing features on your content while letting everyone know of updates via your social media posts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

4) Avoid trying to make your customers leave a social media site. Social media is all about socializing, so use your social media accounts to do just that, rather than trying to redirect people who would prefer to stay on-site. Posting interactive and shareable content that directs users to your social media page will maximize your chances of your content going viral.

5) Draw customers in with stunning and interesting images. Even though marketing professionals have known for years that people cannot resist sharing a gorgeous image, there are not nearly enough of them being used. Use informative infographics or well-shot photographs related to your products and services on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram to create a whirlwind of sharing and discussion.

Most of all, don't get sucked into the idea that social media ad space is a great place to spend your marketing budget. Social Media ads are proven to have a much lower ROI (return on investment) when compared with search engine PPC advertising. However, social media is one of the best ways to engage existing customers and potential ones in conversation about what you do and how you do it. What are your plans for social media marketing for 2013?

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