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How to Become a Great Affiliate Manager

Posted on August 2, 2012 by Josh Mc

The relationship between a business and its affiliates is often one that is not cultivated as much as it could be in order to benefit both the business and the affiliate. There are numerous things that businesses can do to increase the number of sales that their affiliates bring in. There are also several approaches that affiliate managers can take to prevent things like fraud, and to make sure that they are working with only the highest-performing and most reputable affiliates. Here are a few tips on how you can develop yourself as an affiliate manager as well as create a good rapport with your affiliates.

Provide Strong Incentives

Affiliates only promote products if they feel that they are sufficiently rewarded for promoting the product. For this reason, businesses must make sure they provide attractive rewards to their affiliates. Affiliates have many products that they could be promoting and they will only choose those products that are likely to bring them a strong return, so make sure you are offering a good value to the affiliates so that they will want to work with your site.

Provide Clear Terms

It is crucial that affiliate managers provide a thorough and clear Terms page that includes information on what is not allowed to promote a specific program. Most affiliate managers will not want their programs to be promoted through malware or through spamming techniques, which gives the business a bad reputation. Also, many businesses do not allow affiliates to bid on the businesses name in Google Adwords. Knowing and presenting these terms upfront makes it easier for both parties to be on the same page.

Selectively Approve Affiliates

Managers should make sure that they have a functionality that allows them to approve and ban affiliates. This is crucial when dealing with affiliates that engage in malicious marketing practices and is also important for controlling who is able to become an affiliate in the first place. While managers might feel like they will get more sales if they approve as many affiliates as possible, doing so will increase the risk of some affiliates engaging in the use spammy tactics.

Communicate Frequently

Another problem with having too many affiliates is that it will make it harder to manage each individual account. Providing affiliates with careful management and close contact will help the customer find the right product and will help the affiliate by giving them a communication line to the manager, allowing them to create a better affiliate program.

Focus on High Performing Affiliates

Affiliate managers want to pay close attention to high-performing affiliates to make sure that they do not accidentally delete affiliate links or place the links on less popular areas of their websites. Many high-performing affiliates are so busy that they do not realize that they misplaced an affiliate link. Affiliate managers will also want to contact high performing affiliates when they have a new products or sales so that new products can be quickly tested on the market.

Provide Ongoing Training

Another reason to stay in close contact with affiliates is to provide them with ongoing training on your business and products, which in turn can help them generate more sales. One way to improve performance is to provide as much information as possible on the product being sold through the affiliate program so when the customer does land on their site, the purchase decision is easy.

Prevent Fraud

Affiliate managers can prevent fraud by paying attention to the earnings of affiliates to make sure that they are not earning a disproportionate number of sales. If an affiliate is earning a large number of commissions from websites that they do not have listed in their profiles, it is possible that the affiliate is using some type of system to manipulate affiliate links and convert them into a fraudster’s affiliate link, stealing commissions from legitimate affiliates. This will often cause legitimate affiliates to abandon the program, so making sure you are watching for these types of problems is a good way to maintain the strength of your channel.

These are just a few tips on how to become a great affiliate manager. The most important thing to take out of this is to manage your affiliates the way that you would want to be managed. If you assume they need some of the same things that you do, then you can hopefully cultivate a relationship that is beneficial for both partners.

If you have any additional suggestions, make sure to leave them in the comments.

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