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Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Posted on June 7, 2012 by Josh Mc

Pinterest is an exploding social network whose momentum keeps on building. Millions of people have begun to discover how to use it to develop their distinctive personal brands. This website has attracted attention from the time it was first launched. Today, it may be one of the best ways to build your personal brand as well as your business.

How it Works

Currently in a beta phase, Pinterest is only allowing those who have requested an invitation, or been sent one by their friends, to join. Once your invitation is accepted, you will be offered a virtual pinboard. You will use this to create your own unique collection of images of favorite things on the Internet. It is like bookmarking with a lot more style.

Like Twitter, you will expand your reach into the world of social networking by following others. In turn, people will start following you. This process of following and being followed is initiated through content sharing. In other words, you will be following the pinboards of others and people will also be following your pinboards. In addition, you will be alerted when one of the people you're following pins something to their pinboard, and you will also get a chance to share the same content.

In essence, then, Pinterest is a place to collect and pin images that represent something associated with your unique personal brand. This process will allow you to share who you are in a way that is visually attractive. Avid users of Pinterest claim that it is even more addictive and fun than Facebook.

Essential Features on Pinterest

By looking at some of the features on this website, you will get a better understanding of how everything on it works.

A Pin

A pin is an image that you share with those following you. The image can be a photograph or a video that you created or found online. This pin will have a link which will allow you to tell people about where you collected the image.

A Pinboard

A board or pinboard is a group of pins that share a common theme. For example, it may be all about dog training, house remodels or even about marketing concepts. The whole idea is to pin objects that reflect your values and interests and that adds to your credibility as a dog trainer, remodeler or a marketer.

A Pin It Button

This is a browser button that expedites the whole process of collecting images as you surf the web. With the click of a button, you will be able to pin an image you like onto your browser. You will be invited to install the button into your browser after your invitation has been approved.

A Repin

A repin is much like a retweet on Twitter, it simply means to pin again. A repin then is similar to a Twitter retweet. When you repin, you pin an image on your pinboard that was previously on someone elses pinboard. Moreover, you can share on Facebook and Twitter your own pin or someone elses pin. As a result of all this pinning and repinning, you can attract either clients or employers by sharing your interests. Something unique even has the potentiality of stimulating viral sharing.


Of course, this is just the beginning of the many things possible on Pinterest, but this guide should get you started on this fabulous website. Check out the below infographic for more information Pinterest Marketing Strategies.

Taken from Social Media Online Classes

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