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Five Considerations When Hiring IT Staff

Posted on December 6, 2011 by Josh Mc

Hiring an employee to handle IT (Information Technology) responsibilities can feel overwhelming, especially if a business is new and does not have much experience in having an IT department. Hiring a good IT person is a huge asset to the company, while hiring a bad one can actually hurt workplace moral. By keeping in mind the below considerations, you should be on your way to selecting a good IT person for your workplace.

1. Knowledge
In order to find the right IT guy, it is important to consider whether or not they truly understand the business. Do they really know what their responsibilities consist of and what they may be expected to do during certain times of the year? They need to be aware of what they are in for and what skills they will be expected to use at any given time. You will also want to test their knowledge of these skills so that you know you are hiring someone that can walk the talk.

2. Personality
The IT person that will work well with the business needs to have a positive and engaging personality. Other employees, for example, should not be nervous or afraid about approaching them; a negative work environment can only lead to unhappiness and widespread consequences. If the IT staff is full of friendly personalities, people will be more confident about their performance and role in the business. The IT person should be willing to work with others and contribute to the health of the business.

3. Willingness
Any good employee, no matter what their tasks may be or who they are working for, needs to be willing to try new things. If they are presented with a job they have never handled or been exposed to before, they cannot behave as though they are positive they are going to fail. The potential employee needs to be willing to do what they can to handle the new responsibility; not just for their own sake, but for the sake of the IT department and the success and growth of the business as a whole.

4. Flexibility
On top of a willingness to try, it is also important for an employer to consider a potential IT guy that is flexible. They should be able to handle whatever comes their way, be it a computer that simply will not turn on or a virus that has infected the data system in the office. Also, they should be able to change their hours to deal with fixing a computer when an employee has gone for the day or do some late night work if the website has gone down. Often, they will have to be flexible when it comes to helping customers deal with tech products issues, should such a thing apply. An employer needs an IT employee that can adjust what they are doing to handle different problems, especially when it comes to technology.

5. Professionalism
One of the most important considerations to remember is professionalism. No matter how social the IT person may be, or how willing they are to handle new responsibilities on a daily basis, it means little if they are not professional. If they do not appear to take their job seriously, or if they appear to be immature, they should not be hired for any positions.

Hiring an IT guy, for any business, can be seen as a stressful venture. However, by looking at the considerations above, an employer can hope to have a higher success rate. If you have other considerations that you use, make sure to leave them in the comments.

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