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Yes You Tweet, But Do You Connect

Posted on July 28, 2011 by Josh Mc

One of my favorite subjects to write on, as well as a constant addiction for me is Twitter. The service allows you to connect to people you normally would not have access to, while at the same time helping you to establish yourself as a market leader in different niches, and in turn building up your social media ego. However, there is a difference between those that use the service and those that make the service work for them, and in that difference you can really help yourself standout.

Twitter is essentially a service where thousands of voices are all trying to be heard, and in that confusion it becomes a screaming match were brands, people and celebrities are all trying to make their voice stand out to the masses. The average Twitter user’s stream has hundreds of companies and people that tweet every other minute and it becomes hard for one user to really stand out. Because of this I always advise people on the three tips below, thus helping establish a lasting presence on Twitter.

Know Your Audience
This is essential to engagement on Twitter. If someone followed you because you are funny and you start to tweet about scientific research then there is a good chance they will not follow you for much longer. At the same time if you share interesting business articles and then start posting pictures of your friends planking, you will lose followers as well. Twitter, more than most other services, really pigeon holes people into certain areas of expertise. When the average user follows someone new, they normally add them to a Twitter list. These lists help to organize their twitter lives and if a user goes against their lists by tweeting weird things or tweeting too often, the list can easily be modified. So make sure that as you are developing your presence you really get to know your audience and use them to feel out what they will interact with. Obviously this does not apply for most celebrity Twitter users as they often Tweet about whatever they like and people will still follow them. So the first step is to know your audience.

Be Ready to Connect
For brands and or people, Twitter is a platform that gives anyone with a keyboard the ability to contact whoever they feel like contacting. I can sit down right now and tweet President Obama, doesn’t mean he will respond or even read it, but I can tweet him. All this means is that if you are a brand then anyone who has or is going to buy one of your products has immediate public access to your brand. They can tweet how much they hate your service or they can tweet that they had the best experience ever buying from your company; but regardless of what they tweet they have a public forum for it. As a business you must respond to these questions and comments in a friendly and timely manner. Other customers are watching and a good response can mean the difference between a sale or an exit. If you are not ready to connect then you do not need to be on Twitter.

Make A Difference
In the millions of tweets that get sent every day, 90% are not making a difference. While they don't all have to be amazing, your tweet on your new hair color, the traffic on the way to work or what you are having for lunch can be interesting, but if this is all you are tweeting about you need another outlet. Create content, find interesting articles, and really work to develop yourself in a niche that you love. Even if that niche is as small as how to cook organic vegetables using only a stainless steel wok, if that is something you are good at and have expertise in it, you can become a leader in that niche and help others understand more about that process. In doing so you will add to the conversation and help to develop yourself on twitter to get your message heard.

These are a few of the tips that I use for interaction on Twitter. What about you? Do you have any tips that I left off?

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