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The Top Nine Social Media Sites for Website Traffic

Posted on May 26, 2011 by Josh Mc

With the recent algorithm shifts and all of the new personalization options available to searchers, it is becoming more important to expand your traffic sources to websites other than simply search engines. Believe it or not there are many great social media websites out there that have the potential to send a lot of great traffic to your website. Here are my nine favorite social media sites for traffic.

Twitter Logo

Twitter – For a business it is easy to create a Twitter account and grab some followers, but often hard to get customers to care about what you are tweeting. The average Twitter user has a huge list of people that they follow and a single tweet can often be lost in the stream. Establishing a good system of followers, as well as gathering some of the deal bots to follow you, can help you gain momentum and connect to people that care about what you are sending. Companies like Dell have used this as a customer service outlet as well, which is a great way to connect with the customer and get them to interact with you. Make sure that if you are getting these types of interactions you have the staff necessary to provide the customer with a good experience. If you can capitalize on it, the traffic possibilities from Twitter are virtually endless.

Facebook Logo

Facebook – The most popular site on the Internet is not just for the user, it also has a lot to offer brands as well. With the constant updates to their fan pages and the great free apps and analytics, it is easy to see why many brands flock to this site as their first social media outlet before anything else. Developing a following can be hard for small brands, but if you work hard to get your links out there and offer incentives, contests or promotions you can quickly develop a decent following who will gladly share your site with others if you give them the incentive. Facebook has the possibility to provide a good amount of traffic to your website, so make sure you capitalize on it by providing interesting information for the customer and not bombarding them to the point where they hide or unfriend your business. Also adding the Facebook like and share buttons to your site can help your customers share deals with their friends even if they are not connected to your Facebook fan page.

Quora Logo

Quora – Quora is a great site with a lot of buzz right now. Taking the question and answer approach they have been able to get a lot of big movers and shakers behind the site and in turn created a lot of great content for the user. If you get on Quora and start providing really good answers to questions that have yet to be answered, you can easily develop some decent traffic back to your website while also establishing yourself as a leader in that niche. You can read the full review we did on Quora here.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is on the tip of everyone's tongue right now with their recent IPO, but the site can help to develop your brand engagement and provide traffic, as well as employees if you spend the time to develop it. You can answer the questions in their question and answer section, encourage your employees to add themselves to your company and even advertise to potential employees and customers. LinkedIn also allows your company to provide a public face to potential employees as well as everyone else, allowing them to get a glimpse of what life at your company is like.

Youtube Logo

YouTube – The second most popular search engine can provide a lot of great traffic if you are decently creative and have the equipment to create and post a video (even most smart phones can post a YouTube video now). Businesses can even run promoted video campaigns that will bring their videos to the top of the SERPs and will add an overlay to the video when the user watches it that is a clickable link to your website. YouTube gets over 100 million views per day, and more then 50% of videos have been rated or commented on. That statistic alone should be enough to get your business to support YouTube. Those high interaction statistics are not found on many other sites on the internet.

Flickr Logo

Flickr – If your company has product photographs they can easily be uploaded to Flickr and provide some traffic. Obviously, as a photo community if your photographs aren’t well done or exciting then there is a small possibility of people really caring; however, if you are a decent photographer you can develop some cool pictures and in turn grab some traffic from frequent Flickr crawlers such as Google Images. Flickr is also a great place to showcase a new product that people may not have heard of before, as it can easily get the product picture in front of some eyes.

StumbleUpon Logo

StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is a great website for people who are bored and are looking for something new. Submitting your site there can help provide a lot of traffic, if the page is exciting. If you submit your homepage or your about us page don’t expect the traffic to flow in. However, if you have created a new infographic or have a funny or interesting blog post, submitting it to stumble upon can have some great traffic results. Creating a piece of link bait? Make sure StumbleUpon is the first place you promote it.

Amplify Logo

Amplify – Not as much for business as it is for your personal brand, Amplify is like Twitter without the message restrictions. You can follow people and post links and information for your followers to see and click on. It has the same type of feel that Twitter does but with the potential to share larger amounts of information. It has a good community and has the potential to bring some good traffic to your site in the future.

Google +1

Google +1 – Though not officially release yet, Google’s foray into the social media realm again has the potential to mix things up. They are adding a plus one button to all of their results, paid and organic, as well as wherever the user wants to add it on their own site. In doing this they can gather more information on what users like and in turn use that to effect organic search results. The traffic possibilities of increasing your search results in Google simply from having a couple more +1’s is enough to get any marketer on the band wagon.

What about you, what social media sites do you see bringing the most traffic to your site? Make sure you leave them in the comments.


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