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Building Office Comradery: The Salsa Contest

Posted on May 5, 2011 by Josh Mc

In a continuing effort to make the office both a fun and productive place to work, yesterday was the second annual Gordian Project salsa contest. The contest had 13 different salsas enter with a range of ingredients such as a grape based sweet salsa, one that featured baby shrimp and many with traditional spices. Everyone brought their salsas in the morning and they were left out all day for the office to enjoy and critique to their hearts content. Many, including myself, elected to skip lunch in order to save room for continued judging of which salsa would get our vote. In the afternoon the votes were emailed in, and today the winner was announced and received a gift card. Here are some great pictures from the event.

Salsa Competition

Salsa Competition 2

Salsa Competition 3

Salsa Competition 4

Salsa Competition 5

Now I say all of this to prove the point that their are many great and cheap ways to promote workplace comradery. The business supplied the gift cards for the winners, but the contest was run by the employees and they individually provided the salsas and chips for the competition. Throughout the office during the day you could hear, "I love salsa day, one of the best days of the year", to which I fully agree. There is just something about hanging out with your co workers and arguing over the range of flavors making up a good salsa, that adds another level to the normal work day. Sure a little extra time is spent visiting the salsa room to continue sampling, but in the grand scheme of things your employees can now boast on their Facebooks and to their friends that their workplace had a salsa contest with real prizes. This alone makes your work environment stand out, while at the same time building up a rapport with your employees that you want them to enjoy coming to work. Think about it, what is something you can do with your employees in the next month that would have the same effect?

There are hundreds of ways to do this, but I would encourage you to try out something as simple as a salsa contest today, your employees with thank you for it.

What about you, what does your office do for comradery?


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