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Six Tips To Gain Twitter Followers

Posted on May 3, 2011 by Josh Mc

Twitter Icon With all the buzz that Twitter is continuing to gain, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about great ways to attract more Twitter followers. Twitter is becoming increasingly important from the online and social media marketing standpoint, every day companies are finding new ways to leverage it and are reaping the benifits. It is not simply enough to create a Twitter account, for the most benefits you need to have a good amount of active followers that will engage with you. Below are some of the top tips I use when building Twitter followers.

Follow People
Bar none, this is the fastest way to gain Twitter followers. Unless you are a huge company, gone are the days where a business can simply create an account and have thousands of followers without following anyone back.  Figure out who are some of the big players in your niche and follow them, at the same time follow some of their followers as well. Many of these people will see that you are interested in the same thing and more then likely follow you back.

Have a Profile Picture
A profile picture is a huge trust factor on Twitter. Bonus points if you profile picture is of a real person and not simply a logo. If you are a large company a logo will be fine, but if you are a small company you may want to consider putting the social media manager’s photo as the twitter icon, allowing you to connect easier with people as a real human being.

Retweeting is a way to not only gain followers, but to keep them. This is not simple follow Friday retweeting, but actually taking interesting posts that your friends have tweeted and sending them out to your followers. Doing this engages with the person that got retweeted, and often makes them want to retweet you back in the future. Make sure not to just tweet everything that comes your way, but selective retweeting will help you gain and keep new followers.

Get Listed
When Twitter announced their lists feature it added a lot of new possibilities to how to easily get followed. If you are listed on a list that people follow often such as the Mashable lists, then whenever the list gets a follow you do as well. Hit up users with lists that are popular and see about getting included in those lists.

Have an Interesting Bio
If a user is searching for new people to follow and they find 100 social media managers all boasting their personal achievements, then see one who writes something that is catchy and makes them laugh, chances are they will follow that user. An interesting bio helps you stand out from pack and makes you much more interesting to the casual user who is unsure of who you are.

Link as Much as Possible
Whether it is your company website, the next time you do public speaking, or simply telling your friends, any opportunity to link or tell someone about your Twitter account should be taken. Doing this will get your account in front of as many new faces as possible, and will help you to gather followers that were already interested in your brand to begin with.

These are just a few of the tips I recommend when gathering fans for a Twitter account. For my other blog for additional tips on making twitter work for your business.

What about you, do you have any other tips you recommend when working with Twitter? Leave them in the comments, and make sure to follow PlumberSurplus, OutdoorPros and GordianProject on Twitter!


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