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Social Entreprenuership: Connecting Nonprofits to Industry Leaders

Posted on April 6, 2011 by Joelle

Palindrome Advisors

I recently read an article in the Wall street Journal’s Blog, Digits, about an up and coming organization called Plalindrome Advisors that deals with social entrepreneurship and I though it was worth sharing.

Plalindrome Advisors is a recently established entrepreneurship networking project that has caught the attention of many for their astounding ability to connect expert executives in technology, entertainment, business, finance, and media to nonprofit organizations who need their dexterity. Plalindrome Advisors’ projects include using the knowledge and skills of industry leaders to educate and mentor future entrepreneurs, as well as providing resources by building tools and technology for nonprofit partners.

Some of the industry leaders mentioned on their website are Adam Bain, Twitter’s president of global revenue; Dag Kittlaus, Apple’s director of iPhone apps; and Ellen Siminoff former senior vice president at Yahoo. I was most proud to see these nonprofit partners on their list as well: Children of the Night, a organization combating human trafficking; Tapestries of Hope, an organization aimed at the eradication of violence against women and children; and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines; a group of university students who work together to provide medicines and public health technologies to poorer countries. Plalindrome Advisors was referred to as the “ for industry leaders and the boards of nonprofits” by founder Zaw Thet, reported to the Wall street Journal.

Plalindrome Advisors purpose is to change the way industry leaders give back, and they are doing just that at astonishing rates. By connecting the right executive with the right nonprofit partner they are able to use time and resources more efficiently and at the same time create a multiplying network of capabilities.  I think this is absolutely amazing and love to see entrepreneurs using their talents and resources to benefit individuals and communities. I am somewhat shocked that I had not seen anything like this before (if there is something please let me know). It is a great idea that can both help the person investing in the company and company being invested in, and I look forward to seeing where Palindrome Advisors is able to go with it.

I love to hear about projects that companies are involved with, feel free to share what the ways your company is giving back! Also, what do you think about Palindrome Advisors?


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