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How to Implement the Seven Best Improvements in the New Facebook Fan Pages

Posted on February 11, 2011 by Josh Mc

This week Facebook announced their new Facebook fan page layouts. To say this is a improvement is an understatement; the pages have been completely overhauled and have added a lot of functionality that was missing and needed in prior versions. Here are a few of the changes you should look into when upgrading to the new fan page.

New Facebook Fan Page

1.    Make the Change
The first thing you need to do is to head over to your fan page and click the upgrade button on the top of the page. Yes, this is a permanent change, but it will go into effect whether you like it or not in March, so you might as well get the jump on it.

2.    Change Your Email Settings
When I logged in today the email settings were currently set to send all email notifications to the personal email I have set up with my Facebook account. Now this wouldn’t be good as my personal email would be bombared so I had that turned off. For fan pages with a large amount of interaction this can create a lot of emails but if your fan page is relatively new it is great to be able to see when a fan interacts with you. You can make that change by clicking "Edit My Page" in the top right corner then select "Your Settings."

3.    Browse Facebook as the Page

This change was something I am surprised they had not implemented earlier. You can now log in as your fan page and browse Facebook as that fan page. Example: I can log in as OutdoorPros and comment / like as OutdoorPros and not my personal account. This will allow you to comment on other brands fan pages as well as comment on customers pages if they are having problems with your site or an order they placed. The main problem with this is you have to log out of browsing Facebook as the page in order to go back to your personal account. I can already see this causing problem with people forgetting they are logged in to the company’s profile. To log in or out you can see the below box in the top right of your fan page.

Browse Facebook as Fan Page

4.    Define Your Category
Facebook has redefined the way you can categorize your page and has allowed you to make changes to it whenever you need to. This will allow new fans to find your page more easily as they can browse by the type of fan page they are looking for.  They also have a lot more options for how you can categorize your page. Yo
u can make this change by clicking "Edit Page" then "Basic Information."

5.    Set Featured Admins
I can’t see many big businesses using this, but the option is available. You can select admins and highlight them on the fan page. This will show the admins picture and name in the top right and you can click through to their personal Facebook. This can cause many problems though so I see the implementation being low.

6.    Set Featured Likes
If you have partners or companies you work closely with on Facebook you can now like their page as your company and it will be highlighted on your company's Fan Page. This is a really cool new addition and it will help you with gaining more fans by being featured on other people’s pages. The last five pages you "liked" are the ones that are featured on your fan page.

7.    Recent Pictures
Like the profile pages before them, the fan pages now show five random pictures from your company's uploads right next to the main picture. This is a cool addition and if your company does not upload photos to Facebook it is worth finding some good ones to take advantage of this. If you don’t like the photos being shown you can simply click the “x” at the top of the photo and it will replace it with another one.

These are just a few of my tips for working with the new Facebook fan pages. I’m sure that as we spend more time with it there will be a lot more cool changes to implement. All in all I like the progression Facebook is making with these pages. Don't forget you can always be our fan at fan page and fan page.

What about you, have you taken advantage of this change yet? Do you have any tips to add?


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