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eCommerce and Entrepreneurship Blog: Top 10 Posts of 2010

Posted on December 29, 2010 by Josh Mc

As we reach the end of the year, it is time to recap the top ten blogs of the year on the eCommerce and Entrepreneurship Blog. This year brought many changes to internal sources like personnel, as well as external sources such as earthquakes in Chile and Google’s ever changing product, search. Our top blogs bring to light all of these changes as they show that our readers are interested in the many facets of business ranging from search engine marketing to supply chain management. Check out the posts below to see our top blogs, and catch up on some of the ones you may have missed.

10. My Favorite Interview Questions – Ellen starts us off with a blog that provided great resources for the every business HR rep by showing some of her favorite questions to ask prospective employees. There are some great ones in the list that can help you dive down into the employee’s motivations and work ethic.

9. Google Wave is Dead – There was so much promise with the release and marketing of Google Wave. I remember beta keys selling for hundreds of dollars on Ebay just to check it out early. Unfortunately it never was able to take off and officially died in 2010, highlighted by this post from Josh.

8. The Impact of Social Media on the Earthquake in Chile – My first entry into the top ten was a post on the interesting ways social media was helping to find survivors and connect relief workers with people on the street. This was a hard time for the world, but it was interesting to see the way social media affected it.

7. ForeSee Results Releases Spring 2010 Customer Satisfaction Index for Internet Retailer Top 100 – Vanessa wrote this post about the satisfaction index for the Internet Retailer top 100 companies. It was interesting to see, and showed that Netflix and Amazon are still the top rated companies in satisfaction.

6. Customized Facebook Publishing: Difficult but Doable – Trevor wrote one of his many posts on Facebook integration by helping webmasters to integrate the like button onto their websites pages. Definitely worth the read if you haven’t done it yet.

5. Google Site Speed Ranking Factor and SEO Dilemma – Google made a large amount of updates this year with different ranking factors, new products and different search add ons, but one of the most talked about was their addition of speed as a ranking factor for web pages. Josh covers this in detail on this blog.

4. Six Best iPad Apps for the Business Professional - The iPad turned into to one of the biggest stories this year, and still topped many peoples Christmas lists this holiday season. I bit the bullet early and invested in one; in this post I discussed my favorite apps (that weren’t called Angry Birds).

3. Internet Retail and MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) – Jeff wrote on the confusing topic of adhering to manufacturers MAP pricing. This is a really interesting article that I would suggest you read for more clarification.

2. PayPal Pay Later Replaced by Bill Me Later? – By far the most comment spammed blog this year was Zac’s post on Paypal getting rid of pay later in favor of Bill Me Later. PayPal finally made use of their acquisition of Bill Me Later in 2008.

1. From Google Street Views to Google Store Views – Our number one blog of the year was Vanessa’s recap on the tip Barry Schwartz received about Google taking pictures within a store to eventually provide store view (like street view) allowing the user to navigate around the store virtually.

Well that is it, our top blogs of the last year. Thanks to everyone who subscribed and commented on our blog this year. We can’t wait to keep the news, tips and information rolling into 2011!
Happy New Year from all of us at the eCommerce and Entrepreneurship blog!


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