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Why Your Google Talk Isn't Making Friends

Posted on December 15, 2010 by Joelle

For months, co-workers have been asking me, “Why have you not accepted my chat request?” Digging into it, I soon realized that I could not invite or accept any chat requests on Google Talk. I was puzzled, I must have

invited the same person over 20 times without being able to add them. Q+A sites all over the Internet that have posed this question with no answer....until now!

I discovered that there is a button in Gmail Talk settings that says, “Add people I communicate with often to my Friends List.” This will add anyone you communicate with often from your email to your Friends List in Google Talk. I went to my contact list to discover that I had 10,000 contacts (Google's maximum), which was the reason I could not chat with any new contacts. After removing 9,982 contacts from my contact list, I was successfully able to chat with the co-workers in my office, who must have thought I was avoiding them for months.

If Google Talk has blocked you from receiving or sending invites, follow the steps below for an easy fix!

1) Open your Google Talk window > select settings.
2) In the general tab, un-check “Add people I communicate with often to my Friends List.”
3) Go to your Gmail account, on the left hand side select contacts.
4) There you will see a list of your contacts.
5) To mass delete contacts click the first contact then hold shift while clicking the last contact. This will select all contacts and then you can un-click the ones you want to keep.

Hope this helps you out!

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