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Bing Redefines Social Shopping with Shopping Lists

Posted on December 1, 2010 by Josh Mc

Today Bing announced it would take its Facebook implementation further by creating Bing Shopping Lists. Bing Shopping Lists is an helpful new feature from a search engine that has had many cool innovations in the last year. First it makes the constant question of “where is your Christmas list” a thing of the past. By simply browsing Bing shopping you can find the products you want right away and add them to your shopping list that Bing manages for you. From there you can easily share them on your Facebook wall, giving you the option of asking your friends which of the items on your list is the best, as well as the ability to send the list to whoever on your friends list will buy you a gift.

Bing Shopping Lists

I personally think this is a cool idea and wouldn’t be surprised to see Google adopt it in the future. What are your thoughts?


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