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Google's First Impressions

Posted on November 18, 2010 by Joelle

As an avid online clothing shopper, I have pretty much pinned my size and style at any given online clothing store. However, occasionally I will have a post purchase regret, normally because the item is just not quite what I wanted or is not really my style when I recieve it. Google has brought order to my sometimes shopping madness with They have devised a tool using algorithms crafted by development experts, and fashion rules controlled by designers, to help the online fashion shopper shop better. The user begins by taking a style quiz, then setting preferences like colors and patterns, and lastly they are able to refine their personal boutique by “loving,” “hating,” or saving their favorites.  All features are accessible by iPad an iPhone and the shopper can set up to receive daily style tips and recommendations. You can also browse celebrity boutiques and follow their updates to receive the latest news, as well as their new styles. Review

The style quiz is easy and fast, though I would suggest not liking any style that is truly not you. You can also simply skip the questions, but that kind of defeats the purpose as the results will be less accurate.

Google’s blog talks about the innovation of and how it came about

“First we partnered with taste-makers of all types. We asked them not just to curate 10-50 great items they loved, but also to teach our site their style and taste. They did this by telling us what colors, patterns, brands and silhouettes they loved and they hated. They took a visual quiz that taught the site to understand their style genre: Classic, Boho, Edgy, etc. Our machine learning algorithms use this information to enable you to shop all of the inventory in the style of that taste-maker, on top of the 50 items they’ve hand-curated.

These days, bloggers, stylists and everyday fashionistas are expressing their sense of style online. We invited them to create boutiques so people could shop their diverse styles. But you have a unique and independent style too, so Boutiques also lets you build your own personalized boutique and get recommendations of products that match your taste”

My boutique style: Casual Chic, Romantic, Boho.

In my eyes, Google has done it again. They were able to bring good refinement to an area of the Internet that I didn't even realize was missing it! I'm excited to see where this progresses.

Check it out and give us your feedback in the comments!


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