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Tips on Creating a Sales Ready Message

Posted on September 28, 2010 by Joelle

As humans we are constantly sending and receiving messages. Messages can come to and from friends, employees, the culture, and the media at large. Messages can be as small as a conversation over the company water cooler or an IM chat, to a company promotion or advertisement. Individual’s response to a message is largely dependent upon the quality of the message and how the message was delivered. 

At a loss as to why your ideas are not selling? Or why your return on advertisements is continually minimal? If this is you, most likely your messages are lacking key components of a sales ready message. Creating messages with clear objectives, that have a strong call to action, are essential in seeing conversions in your message. Use the checklist below to make sure that your messages include all the essential components, and improve upon the ones that don’t.

Objective- What is your aim in sending the message? Having a clear objective will set the framework for you message, without a clear direction you are likely to have a message that has no real focus or is cluttered and conflicting. For example: When creating an email marketing campaign: What products, brands, or social networking sites would you like to see sales growth in? Tip: Keep the objective simple.

Targeted User- Who do you seek to reach with your message? Exchanging messages with the correct and appropriate audience is essential. The objective you want to send to your customers may vary by marketplace and the type of consumer engaging in that marketplace. The nature of ecommerce opens the gates, so to speak, as to whom the potential recipients of messages are. Tip: Do not make your target user group to narrow; otherwise you will limit your customer base.

Creative Messaging- How will you make your message stand out against the crowd? With the millions of messages being exchanged daily, you have to make your message rise to the top if you want it to be considered. Use mediums that are accessible by your target user and that are relevant. Be creative while staying within the bounds of the structure of your brand. You want your messages to communicate your brand image with words, images and media.  Tip: By default think outside the box, lean more on the side of creative than conservative. You can always decide to scale it back, but more often than not it will keep your messages fresh, new and exciting.

Call to Action- Does your communication seeks a response? Creating messages that call the target user to action clearly communicate that you have an offer and they can have a response to the offer. If you are saying “Buy Now, On Sale, Everything Must Go!” Do you give the customer the opportunity and channel to immediately do so? If you are not making it possible or easy for the customer to respond, it will not be a surprise when you do not reach your message objective. Make the purchasing process as easy and simple as possible. Tip: Your call to action should stem from your objective; if these do not align you need to rework your call to action.

Conversion Goals- Do you have a way for measuring your message’s success? If your goal was to increase sales by promoting a special sale, do you have a way of measuring sales from that promotion? Measuring success will help you know if your messages are effective or if you need to rework one of the messaging components. Tip: Setting a goal and forecasting the response can help with identifying changes that need to be made for future messages.

Include these five components for a better sales ready message. You will see that improving the quality, clarity, and call to action of your messages exchange will generate a higher sales response.

Message better to sell better.



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