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Yahoo Search Migrating to Bing AdCenter

Posted on September 3, 2010 by Chad

On August 31st, Yahoo announced that they are starting to transition their Yahoo Search Marketing to Microsoft AdCenter.

In the last few weeks, Yahoo began and completed transitioning all of Yahoo’s organic results to Microsoft Bing. The next step is the paid search transition. To start this process all you have to do is log into your Yahoo! Search Marketing account.  There are some very specific differences between Bing and Yahoo, so be aware that you may need to do some tinkering with your campaigns. 

Yahoo has provided a Feature Comparison Guide and Transition Checklist through the user interface to help this transition process as much as possible.  You can also find these document links in their announcement blog at “Advertisers, Begin Your Account Transitions”.

According to Yahoo’s blog, they fully expect the transition to be completed by the end of October.  The last stage of which will occur somewhere in mid-October, when Yahoo! Search ad serving moves to Microsoft AdCenter completely.  Be prepared though, there is still a slight possibility that they will defer the completed paid search transition to 2011. Either way I am excited to see what changes this new transition will bring in the future.

Yahoo and Bing


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