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Creating the Customer Experience from Every Department of the Company

Posted on August 27, 2010 by Suzanne

Most of us think that the customer experience is the responsibility of Customer Service department, which seems natural, right? They deal with the customer, so why should a warehouse guy or a data temp care if our customers are having a good experience? This is the wrong way to look at it, as the bottom line is everything we do as an eCommerce company culminates in the customer experience. If the customer does not have a good experience on our site, chances are they will never come back, and may even tell others not to as well. For example, if the information on the site is incorrect, and the customer receives the incorrect item, their experience with the site may not be a good one. Similarly, if an item isn’t packaged properly and ends up damaged on the way to the customer, again, the situation could end in a bad customer experience.

Customer Service is a big part of the customer experience simply because they deal most with the customers on a one-on-one basis. Wouldn't their job be so much easier if we all had the mindset of wanting our customers to have the best experience possible? If that mentality were part of a mantra or a company pillar and was engrained in the work ethic of new employees, wouldn’t that make the internet a better place to shop?

So, as a member of Gordian Project/Supply Chain, how can I contribute to a great customer experience? The first thing that comes to mind is better internal and external communication. I can encourage our vendors to give us the best information to put on our website, and in turn I can communicate any changes within the department that may affect customer experience to Customer Service. Which will prepare them for any questions they may receive. This is just one change I can make, but actively looking for these types of oppurtunities can greatly effect the customer experience.

For more ideas on how to encourage your team to give your customers a great experience, read this awesome article I found on There are some great tips for all departments and employees, from the top down.


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