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The Expanding World of Online Video July 2010

Posted on August 13, 2010 by Josh Mc


  • First off, over the last couple months I have talked a lot about the importance of Video Sitemaps which allow Google to index your video content . Google itself decided people did not fully understand how important this was and released a video detailing how implementing video sitemaps with your website can be done. For everyone out there who is on the fence with this, if you have video content, it is very important and should be considered. Right now Google is in the beginning stages of using this information in the search results, but over the next couple months it will become increasingly relevant and important.



  • Andy Beal wrote a blog on video becoming a must have for online retailers.  In his findings he references that “The percentage of the top 50 US online retailers that offer videos on their sites skyrocketed to 68% in 2009 from 18% in 2008.” And “In this sense, video has gone from a luxury to a near necessity for companies seeking an edge in marketing their products.”


  • Unless you have been away from the internet for the last month it’s impossible for you to have missed the Old Spice guy and all of his crazy videos. Read Write Web has a great article about how they were able to make 87 videos in the span of 11 hours, and get them spread across the internet like a wildfire. Read more about it here


  • Search Engine Land wrote a good post on “The Four Pillars of Viral Videos” which speaks on the importance of creating buzz in viral videos. Many people write about this topic, but I really like the pillars that they established. The Shock and Awe approach is quickly becoming one of the most used types of viral video, well that and making auto tuned videos of whatever is popular at the time (double rainbow video anyone?).


  • Lastly, ReelSEO took some time to find the 5 craziest things you can learn from 5min video. Some of the videos they found were on how to survive the zombie apocalypse and how to hypnotize a dog. Needless to say they can be pretty entertaining to watch.

If I missed anything you saw that was important last month be sure to let me know. Also, at the time of this writing Google has added a Video Sitemaps button to their labs section in Google Webmaster Tools. It will be interesting to see what they do with it.


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