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The Expanding World of Online Video June 2010

Posted on July 2, 2010 by Josh Mc

We have a lot of great articles this month so let’s jump right in.

    • First, as I reported earlier this month, Youtube now has a cloud video editor. This is huge because it opens up the world of video editing to anyone with an internet connection, not just those with nice computers and expensive software. ReelSeo even showcases 5 ways to use the Youtube video editor. I have personally tried it myself, and while it is not a terribly comprehensive editor it is still a really nice feature to have access to for free.


    • On the same front the iPhone 4 was released which records 720p HD video and has a movie editor that can be purchased for $4.99 called iMovie.  iMovie allows you to edit videos and pictures directly on your phone and upload them to YouTube when they are complete. This is really going to usher in a new world of video for many people who have never done much in it before, as well as add to Youtube’s unholy amount of videos (I think it is almost a billion now).


    • On the more technical side Google has released a list of best practices for those that host video on their own website. These include different search engines techniques for indexing, thumbnails and countries the video can play in.


    • Mashable has a great post entitled "6 Tips for Experimenting with Web Video". They include a bunch of techniques to help you take your video the next step. They deal with breaking the rules, self promotion and video on a budget, among other things.


    • The Fire Horse Trail has a interesting article on promotion in the age of social sharing. In this article they talk about where to submit your videos RSS so the engines can know when there is a new one. They also talk about where to upload and syndicate those videos for viral promotion as well as traffic.


  • Lastly, this is not as much related to the evolution of video as it is to creation, but the Youtube user Karimrejeb has created one of the most innovative videos I have seen in a long time. Using legos and stop motion he has designed a surfing video that is amazing. Watch it here.



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