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Dog Whisperer Guidelines Applied in the Workplace

Posted on June 24, 2010 by Suzanne

I love the Dog Whisperer, and recently I’d been trying to apply his principals to my life. What I didn’t realize was that those guidelines could also apply to the workplace! So I hope I don’t get in trouble for writing about my co-workers in comparison to dogs and I hope that Cesar doesn’t mind. So here it goes! Here is how I think we can create a calm/submissive and calm/assertive workplace.

Applying Dog Whisperer Training to the Workplace

Discipline: This is Cesar’s first and probably most important and foundational rule. Without discipline, you have nothing. This point is most important for those in management. It’s important to correct an issue as soon as you become aware of it. If the issue is allowed to continue you lose the respect of your other workers as well as the person that is creating the issue. In my experience with the Dog Whisperer the discipline aspect is the hardest part of the rehabilitation for most owners, and I expect it’s hard for most managers. Discipline doesn’t only come from managers; the pack also corrects unwanted behavior. This is probably the coolest part of it all. Leaders can’t be everywhere, and good leaders rely on the pack to call one another out when necessary because it is good for the pack. Here is how that applies to work: as a team we are responsible to each other to keep the team afloat. If you see someone slacking off you call them out.

Exercise: Since physical exercise in the workplace rarely happens, unless you work at a gym, I am going to apply this principal to mental exercise. It’s really easy to turn your brain to auto pilot, but that is when mistakes happen. Our department tries really hard to keep everyone engaged with projects and tasks outside their specific daily tasks. Not only does this help keep everyone engaged and using their brains, but it helps protect us so we don’t fall into the hazards of a mushy brain.

Affection: Receiving rewards and approval from leaders is awesome!! Having hard work recognized makes “the pack” want to work harder. A little encouragement really does go a long way. If a worker is praised, then it sets the bar a little bit higher in their heads. Actively using rewards not only encourages workers on a personal level, but it also raises the moral of everyone around.

So, that’s how you can create a well balanced workplace that encourages all of its workers, managers and team leaders alike to set the standard high and work toward a common goal.


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