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The Great Facebook Exodus

Posted on June 8, 2010 by Zach


There has been a lot of discussion about Facebook, privacy and, what seems to be a mass exodus of technology figureheads from the service lately. It seems like every time Facebook makes an announcement, they are messing with the privacy settings they continue to make it more confusing and technical. Coming from a retailer's perspective who manages profiles, pages and advertising on Facebook this is not surprising at all. Facebook has some of the most confusing and technical merchant tools we have ever seen and it's only gotten worse. I dare you to try running a Facebook ad with targeted metrics and make any sense of what’s going on there. Sure, it might be great for throwing money at brand advertising, or building your fans, but try driving at conversion based targets and it becomes much more difficult.

Outside of these issues, though, I just can't see myself leaving Facebook without a viable alternative. Much of my friends, family and social interactions happen for the most part on Facebook and I think that most people either don't care or don't understand how the privacy issues affect them. The fact of the matter is that there is simply no decent alternative to Facebook. Sure I have heard people say, use Twitter + Flickr + Yahoo + Google + Smugmug + Geni but using all of those services instead of Facebook is simply unrealistic for me and probably most of Facebook's other users. Not to mention, it only takes one of those services to have privacy issues for it to make using other services a moot point.

Facebook has built an empire with no real rival and I think they realize that. Until there is some real competition I don't think most people will actually leave Facebook, they may consider it, they may even be concerned about their privacy but I don't think they will leave.


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