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Matt Cutts Video on Google May Day Update

Posted on June 2, 2010 by Zach

For those interested in more information about the latest Google algorithm update, Matt Cutts has release a video via the Google Webmaster Help videos about the recent changes. He confirms that the changes are algorithmic, deliberate, non permanent and having nothing to do with Caffeine (their latest search architecture roll out) but that it basically tweaks their algorithm and specifically effects long tail searches. He goes on to say that the update was fully vetted and that they think it is a "quality win". In conjunction with Matt's comments there have certainly been some interesting discussions about this on different forums and blogs especially about people loosing a lot of long tail traffic so we are interested to see if that continues to be the case or if over time things settle down a little.

They have also released some other interesting Google Webmaster Help videos within the last week that you may also want to check out.


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