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Five Ways to Annoy Your Colleagues

Posted on May 18, 2010 by Arianna

Don’t understand why your co-workers dislike you? Well, here are a few common ways people annoy ones co-workers. Following these easy annoyances will ensure your co-workers will look forward to the day you are no longer with the company. Want harmony in your workplace, then I suggest you read and take heed.

Talking on your cell phone is one way to annoy your colleagues

1. Don’t carry your own weight

If you don’t do your part in a department then someone else has to do it for you. Someone will be left to pick up the slack, this inevitably causes resentment and can become a domino effect. Soon others will start slacking because you do it and get away with it. Next thing you know your department is crashing down in flames.

2. Be Sarcastic in work emails/chats

Being sarcastic with co-workers can lead to their disrespect of you, especially since sarcasm can’t always be detected in emails and chats. Thinking before you speak is too hard anyway so why try, right? Unless you believe your co-worker is your best friend, then its best to leave the sarcasm at home.

3. Talk down to your co-workers

Jumping on people when they ask a simple question is a great start to irritating your co-workers. Many people think that talking down to colleagues will build themselves up, but an “I’m better than you” attitude will not make you appear stronger. If not already an implemented rule in a company, then it should become one: Thou should respect thy co-worker.

4. Talk loudly on your cell phone/work phone

Your co-workers don’t need to listen to your cell phone conversations. More importantly, don’t have your phone so loud that people around you can actually hear the other person on the line. It’s not only distracting to the person sitting around you, but if you are really loud, then maybe even the whole company. Being a distraction will not look good on your next performance review.

5. Eavesdrop in others’ conversations

When someone comes and asks your co-worker a question, make sure that you answer before the person who was actually asked. In order to do this you have to be really good at eavesdropping. The definition of eavesdrop is to listen secretly to a private conversation of others. You can also turn around and include yourself in others’ conversations; this will irritate not only your co-worker but the other person asking the question. The wiser choice would be “Do not speak unless spoken to.”


All humor aside, it truly is important to make a good impression at work. Leaving a good impression and being likeable can lead to promotions, and co-worker support.


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