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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of May 14th, 2010

Posted on May 14, 2010 by Vanessa
  • I haven’t tried but apparently Facebook doesn’t make it very easy to delete your account. Read Write Web just released an article about the recent uptick in searches for deleting Facebook accounts, which seems counter intuitive in relation to Facebook’s current popularity, but many seem to be turning to Google to find out how to do so. Since this story was written, I captured my own screenshot and it appears to be an even greater climbing search since then. You can see this reflected by Google’s search suggestion set below:

  • Google search suggestions how do I

  • Josh isn’t the only one disappointed with Google’s new search layout according to a recent post by Virginia of Bruce Clay’s blog.  In her post she notes that “thousands of people have downloaded the Hide Google Options plugin for Firefox and Chrome”.

  • Mashable releases exclusive information on Twitter’s new Business Center.  According to Mashable and their sources at Twitter the new business features will add a variety of features like the ability to receive direct messages from non-followers and the ability to verify business accounts.

  • I thought this TechCrunch article was really interesting - “Digg’s Biggest Problem Is Its Users And Their Constant Opinions On Things”.  TechCrunch points out that Digg’s history of making changes according to user uproars and complaints has actually hurt the company.  They compare this to Facebook’s strategy of “you may go pound sand” and point out that Facebook has reaped the benefits of this approach.  Interesting read.

  • I’ve worked in the “Nerdery” (a room full of nerds) and had to adapt to feeling out of place.  One thing I learned about nerds is that they speak in acronyms, and if you don’t catch on quickly you can find yourself really behind in any given conversation.  Linda Bustos decided to help those of you new to this type of situation by publishing “99 Ecommerce Acronyms”.



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