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Is Google Losing Their Organic Roots?

Posted on May 13, 2010 by Josh Mc

Am I the only one that thinks that Google’s changes are making organic search almost useless? Take a look at the below screen shot to see what I am talking about.

Google Search bathroom faucets


The actual fold of the page is right around the start of the shopping results. Scroll down some more and you see the local business results, most searchers probably don’t even get past this as there is so much eye candy and things to click on that your mind is overloaded. Sure Google is trying to give the customer a good experience by offering them options, but basically there are two organic search results in this whole mess.
Add to that the new suggested brands addition, which basically Google is saying “Hey you searched for this word but wouldn’t you rather have this brand attached to this word?” While this may be helpful for some searchers, it is confusing for others and actually hurts companies that are trying to rank organically for certain keywords as they not only have to battle the competitors, but also Google’s “improvements” and all of the big name manufacturers they are suggesting you were searching for.
All I'm saying is that Google built their search engine on the idea of providing the best results in a simple manner, but if you cannot even find the results in their barrage of suggestions and ads, then when does it stop becoming a search engine that provides information and start becoming a business that allows big manufacturers and those that pay big bucks to keep out the people trying to rank organically? Google, sometimes when people search for bathroom faucets, they actually want websites that provide general information on bathroom faucets; not videos, not the manufacturer, and not local options, but information.

But I digress. What do you guys think about this? Is it too much, or is it good for the customer experience?


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