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The Expanding World of Online Video April 2010

Posted on May 3, 2010 by Josh Mc

The online video world is continuing to expand at breath taking speeds. Just last month YouTube received more than 100 million unique visitors, and this month is no different. There were so many good articles to choose from this month, but I have narrowed it down to what I feel are the most important.
First off Marketing Pilgrim referenced a study that Brightcove and TubeMogul had done which found the following:

“consumers that find online music videos via Twitter watch an average of 2:30 minutes per stream compared to the 1:30 minutes viewed on average by consumers discovering online music videos via search engines like Yahoo!”

This is especially interesting because it proves what most social media marketers have already speculated, and this is if content is recommended by someone you already interact with and like, you are much more likely to devote the time in reviewing something that has been recommended rather than something you came across while searching. With all of the social media pushes we have seen, there hasn’t been a lot of data that shows the effects of social media recommendations on video, but this study starts to point to it increasing consumer engagement.

What is the point of video on eCommerce sites if not for increased conversion rates? ReelSeo wrote an article breaking this down entitled “10 Things To Test when Optimizing Video For Conversions.” All of the ten tests they have are very important; however pay close attention to the part about recommended video length, as well as the information on auto play and background music.  This is a great article to bookmark as well, as the author Daniel Sevitt works with the company EyeView and they have a proven success record in making effective video.

Search Engine Watch wrote about increasing user engagement on YouTube as a metric for success.  Obviously the longer you have the customer’s attention on the video in question the more likely it will be to meet the goals of the video, whether that’s persuading the consumer to purchase the product or to invest in the videos message. The below image shows data that relates audience attention to how “hot” the video is, the longer the video retains viewers the hotter the video.  YouTube already makes this data available in their insight program, which is an analytics program that is free to use with every video that you upload to YouTube.

User engagement on YouTube


Lastly, I want to focus on the iPad. If you have not heard of this device then you might be living under a rock as almost every news site and blogger has written something on the iPad in the last month. Regardless, one of the major changes in the future of online video could be seen through a tool like this.  The Business Insider wrote a piece on what future possibilities product videos on the iPad will have on customer purchases. They showcased a video that the Gap made promoting their iPad app.  The application is a content rich virtual sales assistant that lets the consumer view exclusive video content, celebrity inspiration for their products, listen to fashion expert advice, create virtual outfits, and of course make purchases through automated tags to products the consumer “discovers”. This is one of the first retailers that have done this and the iPad is still relatively new so the future looks bright for those prepared to invest the time in iPad applications.  As more consumers adopt the use of iPads the greater the impact will be for online video and shopping. Check out the video below:



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