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Google Apps Stops IE6 Support

Posted on February 25, 2010 by josh

We received a communication from Google Apps this month that I was delighted to see. Google Apps is finally phasing out support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. Hooray!

People have been saying that IE6 is dying for quite a while, but it maintained its grip throughout 2009. Lots of admins have been slow to upgrade because of support of legacy applications/pages that required much extra effort to get working properly in the now-antiquated IE6. Finally, Google Apps stops support and, hopefully, this means that admins and users will be forced to update in order to sustain usability.  Trevor recently predicted for 2010 that standards would take a step forward and this is a strong indicator that they will be/have.

It's not that I don't like IE6, it's that I hate it (Trevor, too). When we work on changing, updating, or adding some design element to our websites, invariably we have to budget time to support IE6. Not just older browsers, mind you, IE6 specifically. If I didn't think it would affect conversion, I'd add something like to our websites. Google will be telling their users, "Starting this week, users on these older browsers will see a message in Google Docs and the Google Sites editor explaining this change and asking them to upgrade their browser."

Thanks Google.


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