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Engagement with the Local Community

Posted on February 23, 2010 by Jeff

My wife loves to watch the great American dream play itself out in arenas such as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and the like; anything that pulls at the heart strings of underdog to star. I’ve often wondered what that final night might feel like, "contestants" widdled down to the final two just before the card is read and ticker tape falls.

As a follow up to Networking Takes Many Forms Gordian Project enjoyed perhaps a taste of that sweet reward. Last Tuesday night amidst Riverside City Council’s weekly council meeting, Gordian Project was recognized as an economic success story for the universe. Ok maybe not the universe but definitely within our zip code.  Regardless, it's exciting to see community representatives championing our brands.

I grabbed some of the slides from the presentation that was accompanied by Councilmen Rusty Bailey’s comments on Gordian Project’s success story, it could be compared to something a bit like Cat Deeley’s, “Let’s take a look at your journey.”

ordian Project Success Story Slide 1

The Councilmen started the presentation by introducing our company and our internet retail websites, and



Gordian Project Success Story Slide 3

He spoke about some of our core competencies and how we have been able to keep technologically minded people local, something Techies felt they previously had to head to the Silicon Valley for. Success Story Slide

The presentation allowed time to explain how doesn’t just sell plumbing products and doesn’t sell surplus inventory. Success Story Slide

He also told the group about our growth, the opening of and discussed some of our future plans.


My wife and daughter would watch from home on the local public station, it’s just that this time I would be the star they would be rooting for.



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