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The Expanding World of Online Video January 2010

Posted on February 2, 2010 by Josh Mc

It’s that time again where we review what happened this past month in online video!

Embedded Videos on Product Detail Pages

First off Get Elastic wrote a great post on whether or not to use YouTube embedded videos on product detail pages. Embedding a video is using YouTube's HTML code to put a video on your web page. A pro to doing this is that YouTube hosts the video for your company for free, and has a huge built in base of people already watching videos on that may also stumble onto yours. A con would be that they can run ads on the bottom of the videos, or provide related videos for the customer to watch, which can lead the customer off of your site. Bottom line, it is great for up and coming companies as it can save the hefty hosting costs, but having your video hosted by YouTube gives the customer many outlets to stop buying, leave your website, and easily get distracted.  For instance, you may be hard pressed to keep the attention of your audience if paired with the video of the world’s largest gummy bear (its five pounds).

YouTube Gummy Bear Video

Utilizing Video in 2010

Mashable posted an interesting article on the top five tips for utilizing video in 2010. They offer some great ideas and data on video for eCommerce. One of my personal favorites is the "Help Customers Get More Value Out of Your Product." This tip is interesting because so many companies focus on creating video showcasing the product, but Mashable suggests that you should also create a video on how to use the product. By doing this you can not only be helpful to the customer, but start to develop loyalty to your brand by providing help that gives the customer a reason to come back.  Their end quote is perfect, “Your customers want video, so give it to them!”

Optimizing Video for Conversions

ReelSeo helps you with “10 Things To Test When Optimizing Video For Conversions”. This article helps you with all of the pitfalls you will face when starting to add product videos. Some of the highlights are call to action, length, music and first impressions.

Mashable's Most Viral Videos of 2009

Lastly, check out Mashables 10 most innovative viral video ads of 2009 for a couple laughs, and countless ideas on how you can harness the raw power of viral video in your marketing campaigns in 2010.

Did I miss any video articles you liked this month?


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