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PayPal Pay Later Replaced by Bill Me Later?

Posted on January 8, 2010 by Zach

A month ago Josh posted about being contacted by Paypal notifying us in regards to retiring Pay Later. When I heard this it did not make sense at the time (why would they discontinue a feature like that?), then I got an email which read like this...

"Hello Zachary,

You're pre-approved for Bill Me Later. Get up to $10 off your first purchase and make no payments until April 2010 when you pay with Bill Me Later. Offer expires 12/31/09.

Bill Me Later is the great new payment choice that lets you shop now, and pay for your purchases later.

Next time you checkout at eBay or any participating PayPal store simply... "

Now it made sense, I had forgotten that PayPal bought Bill Me Later in late 2008 and it seems that they are now folding that service into PayPal. What I thought was interesting was how they went about making that transition. When we heard about the retirement of PayPal Pay Later it was simply that, we are shutting this down, please remove the content from your websites.

I am sure they could have made it a bit more positive by positioning Bill Me Later as its successor and how this new great service will be available to PayPal customers by default. It almost feels a little cloak and dagger, they remove a service which merchants use to have to get approved for and display a little differently than the normal PayPal checkout process (or at least we did), and replace it with something that looks to me like it is going to be integrated into the normal PayPal flow by default.


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