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Networking Takes Many Forms

Posted on January 5, 2010 by Jeff

You just never know how or when, or in what capacity you may strike up a relationship that positively impacts your business.

I purchased a home in the not so distant past and subsequently found myself tied up in Code Enforcement red tape.  Code Enforcement responds to concerns, complaints, and nuisances within a city to make sure that properties are in compliance with city codes.  These complaints are often associated to issues that can impact the quality of life in a city such as zoning, maintenance of structures, inoperative vehicles, overgrown yards, and illegal signs.  Receiving a violation from Code Enforcement can be costly and time consuming regardless of the reasoning behind the violation or where the fault lies.  One thing I do know is that finding your family’s financial well being placed in the hands of bureaucracy places an emotional strain on the soul that I can’t put into words.  I responded in a way I’d never before, kicking off a letter to every bit of political representation I could think of.

Despite not expecting a single response I somehow felt better and was reinvigorated to continue the good fight. Interestingly enough I did receive a response from Council Member Rusty Bailey and although I’m confident no strings were pulled, I appreciated the handful of phone conversations that were had by the Councilmen and myself throughout the process. Ultimately, our (my family) plight was brought to resolution with the closing of our “file” and fines returned. I believe Councilmen Bailey summarized the situation best when he explained, “cooler heads prevailed.”

Having mentioned along the way my involvement with Gordian Project I had the honor of introducing Councilmen Bailey to Gordian Project Managing Partners Timothy Jackson and Brian Chelette over lunch.  A casual meeting for sure, sharing the life of Gordian Project along with hearing Councilmen Bailey’s heart for Riverside.  My thanks to the Councilman for the time and opportunity to continue in that relationship as I, we, Gordian Project seeks to partner with that heart.

Councilmen Bailey’s email signature concludes with, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." (Author unknown)  I believe I’ve accomplished navigating Code Enforcement’s red tape successfully but perhaps more importantly struck a relationship that can assist in Gordian Project’s desire to philanthropically impact "Riverside".

For those that are curious about my big code violation, here are a few pictures:

Jeff's Yard at the start of the project


Jeff's yard being worked on


Jeff's yard with new walkway


Jeff's yard with new grass and walkway



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