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Correcting the Case of the Monday’s

Posted on December 29, 2009 by Arianna

Being happy at work makes the difference between having the case of the Monday blues and having a “Thank God it’s Monday” attitude. According to this article, people fear Monday mornings, and experience anxiety on Sunday nights. Many of us can relate to having Monday blues. Ask anyone what their favorite day of the week is vs. their worst day of the week, you may find that Friday and Monday would be the most common answers. Well, I did my own research and among all my our co-workers at Gordian Project the most common answer for worst day of the week was Monday, and the favorite was actually Saturday. Monday was seen as the worst and most boring day of the week.  Just because the Monday blues is so common does not mean that we have to accept them with open arms. How many of us want our Sundays to be relaxing, looking forward to Monday morning because work can be fun? Here are some tips on how to not only get rid of the Monday blues, but also how to be happy at work on Monday and as many other days as possible too.

Office Space: Case of the Mondays

    1. Show up on time. There is nothing worse to start your day than showing up late.  Once you’re at work give it 100 percent of your attention. Fortunately, many of us have breaks which can help relieve our distractions. If you find yourself zoning out or focusing on other things which are not work related then take your break, but once your break is over it's back to work.


    1. Have a positive attitude. With a positive attitude you will always beat the Monday blues. Being positive not only helps you deal with the day ahead, but will also affect those around you, creating a trickle effect of happiness.


    1. Make Mondays a fun night. Plan a family game night or go to dinner with your spouse. Planning a fun evening will most definitely have you looking forward to Mondays. Just a warning, don’t stay up too late on Monday nights, because then we’ll be faced with having to attack the Tuesday blues!


    1. Take each day as it comes. Focus only on today; don’t worry about tomorrow because you can honestly say you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Every day consists of completing tasks which can also bring little victories that make our days brighter. Don’t forget to celebrate those small accomplishments because celebrating accomplishments will foster a positive attitude.


With this new mind set, positive attitude, and the belief that you can be happy at work, you will notice that come Monday morning when your alarm goes off you will wake up with a smile. It truly doesn’t take much to change the way you start your week; you can be happy at work, and look forward to the beginning of your week without the Monday blues.


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