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The Expanding World of Online Video

Posted on December 22, 2009 by Josh Mc

When most people think of the words “online video” they think of YouTube and not much else. However, that is poised to change drastically. Consumers are embracing video with a huge passion. Hulu is redefining the way we watch television (their traffic jumped nearly 47% from September to October of this year), and Youtube is the fourth most visited site on the internet behind Google, Facebook and Yahoo.


How Can Online Video Affect Your Business?

This question is one that many businesses have been trying to address since the whole phenomenon started. This is the question I hope to help address through monthly postings of the biggest stories in online video, as they relate to the business world.

There are countless articles about the effects video can have on the bottom line. Check out this article by Reel Social Media which shows companies increasing click through rates 20 to 175% just though the implementation of video. Through these collections of online video articles, I hope to convince both supporters and cynics alike that online video can work for more than many companies would think, and hopefully provide you with the tools to convince your boss or decision makers to move toward the use of online video.


Online Video This Month

Video Advertising and Marketing in 2010 – ReelSEO wrote an interesting article on a recent survey of brands and marketing agencies. The article stated that online video is the number one priority for the coming year. Online video beat out both email marketing and normal SEO. If it is becoming this important to this many people then you probably want to take it into consideration in your own business.

Online Video Marketing Focus via ReelSEO


How To: Build Your Personal Brand on YouTube – Mashable (one of the websites I read the most) posted a great how to guide for setting up your companies personal brand on YouTube (how to do it and the needed supplies). They also show you best practices for developing your YouTube channel into a great source of traffic for your personal site.

Video SEO Blends Traditional SEO with a Relatively New Platform – Lastly, Site Reference wrote an interesting article on tips for getting higher search results with your videos as well as factors for choosing a good video SEO company, if you do not want to pursue it in house.

Until next month…


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