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Google Reveals Real Time Search, Schmidt’s Twitter Profile

Posted on December 8, 2009 by Vanessa

Yesterday was an exciting day for Google and its leaders alike.  Google announced real time search.  A much awaited feature many users have been expecting since Google and Bing made deals with Twitter earlier in the year.  The new feature hasn’t been released to everyone at this time but can be seen via YouTube and in the screenshot below.

Google launches real time search


Google Trends was also updated with a new Hot Topics area which is based on real time data.

Google Trends is updated with Hot Topics

Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO who once described Twitter as a “poor man’s email system” was busy attempting to join Twitter himself.  I say attempt because the profile setup didn’t go as smoothly as one would think...

“He first logged on with the handle "eschmidt0", prompting a cyber-diss from high-profile New York tech executive Anil Dash:

Eric Schmidt eats his words


As Ryan, the author of the post at Gawker goes on to note, “It looks like Schmidt also received some help from the Poor Man's Email Service's Rich Man's Identity Authenticator, because he's now got a ‘Verified Account.’ Throwing his (semi-)celebrity weight around at Twitter Inc.? Schmidt's starting to get the swing of things.”

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