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A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur? A Picture Blog on Halloween

Posted on October 30, 2009 by Josh Mc

You have to love a day of the year when it is pretty much a requirement to dress up. However, that day becomes so much better when your place of work cuts back the dress code and lets all of the employees dress up to their hearts content (work appropriate of course). Wearing your Halloween costume to work has become a staple of life at the Gordian Project, this year being no exception. Over half of the office dressed up to celebrate, Zach barbecued, all the Michael Jacksons danced, Vanessa roller skated, and there was no shortage of hot dog jokes. Needless to say some hilarity ensued, pictures below.


Managers Meeting

The managers meeting hit an all time high for creativity.


The data team, halloween costumes

The data team all participated. From left: Edward from Twilight, Batman, Spock, and a biker.


Michael Jackson Costume Tribute

Tribute to Michael Jackson featuring different years of his life.


Marketing team halloween costumes

The marketing team in full swing.


The whole team

The whole team.

Until next year... Happy Halloween!



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