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Marketing 2.0 - Marketing in a Twitter World

Posted on September 1, 2009 by Josh Mc

Remember how much easier it was to be a marketer before all this digital stuff got in the way? Just pay for a print ad and reach a ton of people through the publication’s readership. Was it successful? Who knows, I mean sure they could somewhat check by asking customers when they came in or by giving them a code for purchase; but they really didn’t have the resources or ability to actually check what percentage of people were moved to a conversion just by looking at their advertisement. Let’s call this phase of consumer engagement marketing 1.0. However, fast forward 15-20 years to the present and a lot has changed.

First off people don’t read as much print media anymore, at least people that are in the demographic defined by the age 30 years and younger (which happens to be quite large and spend a substantial amount of money). Now I am not putting down print media, I still subscribe to at least four different magazines and one newspaper, but it isn’t so much a place for me to find news as it is something to take with me on a long flight or during a time in my day when I have downtime.

Daily Newspaper Readership by Age Group


If I want news I quickly head to my Google Reader, that organizes all of my favorite news sites and gives me a short synopsis of what it is I am interested in catching up on, all without ads (that is, until I go to the article). Another option is to log into my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts, where there is a good chance that if something news worthy has happened one of my “associates” will have informed me about this in 140 characters or less. I can read it in less than five seconds, and then move on with my day.  No ads have attacked me, no one has got me to come to their website to join a group or sign up for something, just 140 characters of updated status reports then on to the next thing.

So how do we connect with people that are experiencing this online social revolution and want their daily developments and potentially their advertisements or deals, in 140 characters or less? First off we have to meet them where they are. It is becoming easier than ever for the customer to get rid of a business’s onslaught of unwanted advertising messages.  However, businesses have opportunities like never before to connect with consumers that are already seeking out their products.  Buyers.   This is done through connections made on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Through these outlets we can search and connect with people that actually care about what we are offering and they in turn seek us out as well. An example of this can be seen on one of our websites Twitter account,  Its Twitter account has roughly 400 followers. Now you may say, 400 followers, that is not a lot. However, look at it this way, say I was doing a print ad and it went out to 400 people. Maybe 10% of those people actually care about what is being advertised and consider making a purchase (I would think that is probably a pretty high estimate). Now let’s look at it from a Marketing 2.0 perspective, we have 400 twitter followers, all of which are from our target demographic (hunters, fisherman, and people who generally like the outdoors), and we send out the same advertisement to these 400 people instead.  As marketers we now have a tool and access to them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and better yet they even signed up to follow what we have to say. Even though my 10% estimation was high for the print ad, chances dramatically increase with all of these other factors stacked in our favor.  Now think about the people that are utilizing these marketing tools to reach out to not 400 people, but millions…

They will receive your 140 character messages until they decide you are not worth following and move on, or they decide you are informative and provide worthwhile information, getting them to tell their friends, who could be interested in the same things, which leads to more people being interested about you, thus adding to your followers and your sphere of influence. Whew that was a lot to say. But just remember this, Marketing 2.0, or the social media revolution, or whatever you want to call it is here to stay, the best thing you can do is adapt and be ready for whatever new way of connecting comes next...


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