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Friendfeed Acquired by Facebook

Posted on August 10, 2009 by Vanessa

Friendfeed was acquired by Facebook earlier today for an undisclosed amount.  Details are still trickling in but the relationship seems to be an obvious match for industry insiders.  Facebook and Friendfeed share commonalities in features both highlighting news updates, the way in which comments are utilized and the user interface on both websites is considered by many to be clean.  The most exciting aspect of this acquisition is the team that Facebook will be bringing on from Friendfeed, which will include, as TechCrunch likes to put it “an all-star cast of ex-Googlers”.  The all-star cast is exactly that though, the article continues with their introductions “Perhaps best known of these is Paul Buchheit, who is responsible for creating Gmail, pioneering some of Google’s early (and incredibly lucrative) advertising products, and coining Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto. Other ex-Googler co-founders include Bret Taylor, Jim Norris, and Sanjeev Singh.”

The important thing for us to focus on now is what this is going to do for eCommerce.  There is undoubtedly a lot more in store than I can think of right now, but with Twitter’s latest popularity I can speculate that Facebook will be fighting to decrease some of that growth and public curiosity.  Combining the current Facebook staff with the Friendfeed group will result in multiple social applications, and all that good stuff, but what I am really getting at is the fact that this could open up a whole new marketing opportunity…  My hopes may be high but time will tell.

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