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Meeting Consumer Expectations: Getting it Right Prior to Order Placement

Posted on July 28, 2009 by Arianna

Keeping customers happy is one of the key elements to company growth. Providing the customer with a user friendly website, easy and quick returns policy, and an understanding of how our processes work will ensure that our customers stay happy. One of the most common reasons for returns, chargeback’s, and negative feedback stems from not meeting customer expectations. If a customer misunderstands the description of a product, believes that an email response time was beyond their allotted wait time, or didn’t thoroughly read the shipping process, then, depending on their order, we may not have met their expectation.

Setting product expectations will help customers understand what they are ordering. Clear and concise product descriptions are a must. They should always include specific product information such as dimensions, weights, colors and finish and should also include clear succinct images.

When it comes to shipping, one difficult lesson, learned only through experience is that customers don’t understand shipping processes.  Yep I said it.  Unless a consumer has been in the industry, has had experience with different types of shipments: expedited, LTL, etc. it is really difficult to communicate shipping processes.  Clients often believe that if they order an item on a weekend that the order will arrive to them in three days.  Unfortunately for our consumers most of our warehouses aren’t shipping on weekends, which we are grateful for.  That’s just one example, freight shipments can be difficult as well, we have specific emails that go out to consumers that have freight orders to try to combat this issue alone.  Educating customers by providing an upfront shipping section that explains rates and policies on the website will help customers fully understand what it takes to ship their order.

Having a user friendly website, communicating and setting expectations with your customers will allow for fewer returns, less chargeback’s, and an improved user experience.


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