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Vanessa’s Variety for the Week of July 17th, 2009

Posted on July 17, 2009 by Vanessa


  • released their 2009 State of Retailing Merchandising Report this week: 
    • “Specifically, retailers this year are setting the following as priorities for their Web sites:
      Checkout process redesign – 79%
      Improved content on product detail pages – 73%
      Site search and browse results – 71%
      Home page – 60%
      Redesigned help section / FAQ”

  • Clickthrough rates can change when language and experience are factored into the equation; if you don’t believe me take a look at this experiment.

  • Optaros is offering a complimentary eBook on social eCommerce.  The book "5 Winning Strategies in Social Ecommerce" can be found here.

  • Social media is only effective if it’s based on trust, transparency and ethical business practices, luckily I work for a company where this isn’t a problem.  Unfortunately there are still, as I suppose there may always be, companies out there that don’t operate in this fashion.  The New York Attorney General isn’t standing for it, in fact he has fined a company $300,000 for encouraging fake reviews.

  • Entrepreneurs are powerfully positive.

  • Google announces second quarter 2009 financial results.

Little Giant has been hard at work engineering pumps that their most loyal customers have been waiting for. is your destination for the new Little Giant TSW Sump Pump System and their NXTGen Condensate Pumps.

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